KynSHOT Shorty Recoil Buffer


KynSHOT Shorty Recoil Buffer


The KynSHOT “Shorty” hydraulic buffer is designed for larger caliber AR platform rifles.  As a drop in replacement for a DPMS Gen 1 buffer, the Shorty is the easiest way to significantly reduce felt recoil and muzzle rise.  With a 20-30% reduction in recoil, you should benefit from an improvement in target re-acquisition time, shot to shot accuracy and reduced shock to optics.  With a similar effect as a muzzle break the Shorty will neither add weight or length to the rifle, or increase noise.

The KynSHOT Shorty Recoil Buffer is not compatible with AR-15s and Armalite large caliber rifles.

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About This Product



3.8 oz


2.5" Fully Compressed

Buffer Tube

M4 Carbine Length Buffer Tube


17-4 PH Stainless Steel

Temperature Range

-30F to 150F


1,000,000 Shot Life